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Ultimate Change Management-a Personal Journey of Living with Oral Cancer- Clark Natali’s Story

Mr. Clark Natali-retired Insurance Executive and Real Estate Developer



Clark2Clark Natali has lived in the Media, PA area for 35 years and he and Anita have been married since 1998 after they met at a single’s evening in 1993. This was a whirlwind, but steady romance as they met on July 1st, had lunch on July 2nd, and dinner on July 6th after Clark returned from the shore for a week-end get away. And they were off and running! A sparkling couple with a fun filled life, they had the world by the tail, until a trip to the dentist in 2005 changed their world.

We will meet a couple who will give us 3 key lessons in:

  • How to live with a devastating diagnosis
  • How to manage emotions in the face of fear and uncertainty
  • How to use hope, friendship and their relationship to stabilize the course of a long term recovery

Clark is a husband, stepfather, grandfather, retired insurance professional, real estate investor and avid golfer. He attended Los Angeles City College, Saint Joseph’s University and was in the US Coast Guard. His business acumen and creative vision lead him to design and build custom homes, develop two multi-unit apartment complexes on historic properties, while owning and managing a successful insurance business. In 1993, when Clark met Anita, he considered himself a confirmed bachelor. As their relationship grew, he was determined to win her heart, as well as the affection of her sons. Skiing vacations that Anita and Clark took together, later became family adventures including Anita’s boys. Clark and Anita have since replaced skis for golf clubs and enjoy spending time together on the course perfecting their game. They continue to travel but focus on warm locations.


Oral cancer and the effects of radiation have presented numerous challenges for Clark, but his positive attitude and calm demeanor have guided him through difficult times. He is thankful that Anita was with him throughout his illness and feels certain he could not have done this without her.

3 Key Points:

  1. How to manage changes in career plans, retirement plans, overall body image and vision of one’s life takes courage.
  2. Recognizing that the fight for life is the #1 goal, brings focus to the treatment and suffering involved in the journey.
  3. Management of pain at home is a major challenge that was achieved.

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