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Patient Engagement-A Marriage Between “What the Doctor Ordered” and Your Healthy Choices

Marty Minniti, RN, BS
SVP Product Development Chief
Care Partners Plus
Horsham, PA


MartyMarty Minniti is a Nurse Entrepreneur in business for 33 years and has owned and developed several companies aimed at helping patients, hospitals, and insurance companies work with complex problems and chronic conditions.

Primary purpose of her work is to simplify- in order to help people care for themselves better – heal and improve. Latest endeavor is a data and communication company using  technologies such as  kiosks in doctors’ offices, daily mobile messaging  and web resources  to help patients  providers and payers lower cost and help people achieve their best health.

She is a graduate of the Bryn Mawr Hospital School of Nursing, earned a degree in psychology and pre-med studies at Rosemont College, and is a Masters Candidate, Dynamics of Organization Program at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


A term that is new to many people is “Patient Engagement”. In the changing world of health care, more information will become transparent to consumers and therefore, consumers will be able to take on more responsibility for their health and wellness–which is a good thing! The issue that is challenging is how to build a bridge between current practices and future behavior changes that will be needed? Mary Minniti discusses these changes and what they mean to consumers and what actions they will need to take.

3 Key Points:

  1. Patient Engagement means that patients and families will have to take more responsibility for their own health status.
  2. There are key benefits to being more engaged as it will afford a better quality of life and allow you to save health care dollars.
  3. New laws are on the horizon that will have implications for your health and your pocketbook by building in incentives for healthy living.

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