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Overcoming Adversity: A Nurse’s Journey of Resilience, Resolve and Rewards

Guest (s) Title (s) and Affiliation (s):

Rita K. Adeniran, DrNP,  RN, CMAC, NEA-BC
Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Global Nurse Ambassador. Global Nurse Program
Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellow
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA


DrNPRita K. Adeniran DrNP, RN, CMAC, NEA. BC is the Director for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Global Nurse Ambassador at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP). which is an innovative program that was developed by the Chief Nursing Officer, Dr. Victoria Rich. The program is designed to increase awareness of minority issues and to be inclusive of different cultures within the inner city hospital setting.

In her roles, Dr. Adeniran provides strategic leadership and direction for diversity, inclusion, and culturally competent healthcare services. She leads  the orgnaization’s Cultural Competence and Global Nurse Programs, bringing recognition to the hospital as a leader in cultural competence education and as a global resource and clinical education center for nurses world-wide. Dr. Adeniran was appointed to the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellows (RWJENF) Program for 2012-2015. The RWJENF prepares select and well-accomplished nurse leaders to undertake some of the most pressing healthcare problems threatening our nation. Dr. Adeniran’s appointment is in recognition of her many contributions and aspirations to improve the health and healthcare delivery system of our nation.

Following her basic nursing education from Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria, Dr. Adeniran earned her baccalaureate in nursing from Widener University. She  holds a Master’s in Nursing Science and Health Care Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, through a joint program between the School of Nursing and Wharton Business School, and earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice from Drexel University, Philadelphia. She is certified as a licensed personal care home administrator, Advanced Case Manager Administrator (CMAC); and Board Certified Advanced Nurse Administrator (NEA, BC). Dr. Adeniran is experienced in several specialities of clincial nursing practice and  has previously served  as a nurse  manager, case manager, onsite administrator of  community and academic heathcare settings; home healthcare administrator and consultant, as well as a diversity and cultural competence consultant.

She is passionate about health equity, equality, and the maximization nursing expertise in the context of interdisciplinary collaboration for shaping successful and sustainable healthcare for the nation.


All human beings face some form of adversity during their life time. One form of adversity that commonly affects human is health and illness. As our nation health care delivery system evolves, it will be imperative that individuals and families educate themselves about health and healthcare, fully engage with their clinicians to utilize available resources for the prevention of illness and promotion of health. Rita discusses her journey in overcoming personal adversities with the hope that people can draw strength from her story to address health and healthcare issues in their own lives.

3 Key Points:

  1. Dr. Rita K. Adeniran is a progressive woman who turned adversity, being born a woman in a patriarchal society of Nigeria, into strength. She now gives voice to the vulnerable of society, specifically, those working in and receiving healthcare.
  2. Rita discusses America as a land of opportunity for everyone; despite, challenges of racial tensions, societal privileges and individual differences and how we have healthcare opportunities we need to take advantage of with healthcare reform.
  3. She advocates that we;
    • Learn more about our personal healthcare situation and seek early preventative healthcare
    • Engage with clinicians, being an active participant in our healthcare decisions
    • Utilize and share resources that are available to you, families and communities about health and healthcare, e.g. health insurance.

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