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To empower consumers with the ~

Knowledge, Skills and Confidence to take better care of themselves,
referred to as “self-care”

Make Informed Decisions related to health care reform

Engage as an equal in the health care system that allows more shared decision-

making regarding health matters


Consumers Playing a Starring Role in Health Policy, Care Decisions, and Personal Health 

Dr. Nancy RN is waking up consumers to the impact the professional nurse has in assisting  patients and families to understand how to navigate the healthcare system. She is bringing all the key players to the table and peeling away the curtain for consumers to see healthcare in action….Healthy World, Healthy Nation, Healthy You will happen when consumers understand how to take a lead role in how healthcare is delivered, financed and organized so they can take better care of themselves. You can trust a nurse to tell it like it is!”

Victoria L. Rich, PhD, RN, FAAN Chief Nurse Executive, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center. Philadelphia, PA

 Consumer interest in health care is growing and the Dr. Nancy RN show will open your world to a wide range of health issues and experts that directly impact people (you) every day. These discussion will transform how you the consumer understands healthcare transformation and reformation and your role in making healthcare more patient centered. Nancy transformed nursing care at the Department of Veterans Affairs nationally and she will do the same for you the consumer. Dr. Nancy will engage you in your own health and wellness-that is a certainty!

Paul Grundy, MD, MPH,  IBM’s Global Director of Healthcare Transformation
President, Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative

As patient and caregiver, we strongly believe Dr. Nancy RN, offers insight and hope to those who are facing serious illness. We felt comfortable talking to Nancy about a difficult time in our lives. With her ability to listen and evoke response, Nancy brings her experience in health care to the viewer in warm, engaging and informative conversations. We are thankful we could be a part of Nancy’s programs and believe that what we shared was a worthwhile experience for us and will make a difference for others who seek hope and encouragement. 

Clark Natali-retired Insurance Executive/ Real Estate Developer and wife Anita McGinn Natali-Artist, mother, care giver, and advisor, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA, Volunteer, National Oral Cancer Foundation


Envisioning a Different Future of Healthcare ~ We Are All in this Together

shutterstock_49848451Health Care is Important to You, Your Family, Community and to the Nation
Reforming the American health care system is a leading issue for voters. Yet, the average person simply wants to know–how it this going to affect me and my family?  People are paying more directly for healthcare and want to know–how can I get the help I need from my doctors or  a hospital stay? How can I reduce the  hassle of getting through the system, how can I have a voice in making decisions with my healthcare team, and what do I need to do to practice healthy living, wellness, and disease prevention?

shutterstock_130366181It’s All About YOU! and  Change Must Begin at Home

You and the choices you will need to make will have direct impact on your health and the health of your family and community. Chronic illness is often the result of unhealthy living and lack of understanding of how health habits can support or harm our health now and in later years. Given the reforms in health care- the public is expected to take more control over their lives and to make healthy choices. As a result, people are asking, how can I avoid illness? What do I have to do to take care of myself and my family affordably and live a good life?

Exploring the World of Health Together

The mission of Dr. Nancy RN is to bring health care insiders together with the public to build a bridge through dialogue between the changes and innovations in health care and people who are trying to make sense of the policy changes, to get more value from the healthcare system, and to understand their illnesses and the course of action necessary to get the best care and/or to avoid illness and complications in the future .

Key Areas of Interest

shutterstock_107202479Translating Health Care Policy Reform

Health care in the US is the most expensive in the world and we rank relatively low in outcomes as compared to other developed countries. The stark reality that we cannot sustain the cost and the increasing awareness of the public in demanding more transparency and accountability in order to get better outcomes, has lead to a national dialogue about the healthcare system and how it has to change. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also referred to as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or “Obamacare”, is a US federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010 and represents the most significant regulatory overhaul of the country’s healthcare system since the passage of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. We will discuss what this means for you in terms of coverage, insurance choices, access to care, and quality/safe outcomes of care.

shutterstock_145545640Successfully Navigating a Complex Health Care System

Given how healthcare is organized in the US, it can be very confusing on how to gain access to care, how to manage care over time, and how to get your needs met and care coordinated, whether in a hospital, extended care facility or at home. We will address how you can learn to take a more active part in determining what care will work for you, how to partner with your health care team to get the best quality and safe care and in essence, have a voice in determining how care will be managed for your circumstance and when to work with your team to limit care appropriately when end of life is near.

Value in care is getting the right care at the right time from the right providers ( doctors, hospitals, other services) and using what is needed without using more than is needed. We will have guests explain how care is delivered, how organizations are developing patient centered approaches and what advances are being made to improve care in all settings.

shutterstock_62285191Patient and Family Engagement ~ Living a Healthy Life, which includes health, wellness and avoiding chronic illness or attaining a high quality of life if living with illness. Being healthy and dealing with illness is an active process that requires that you be knowledgeable and able to work as a partner with your doctors, and healthcare team in making decisions that work for your health. With health care costs being shared more directly with consumers, there is added incentive to live a healthy life style and to take responsibility for your own health and wellness. We will have guests who are able to “connect the dots” in how choices that you make today will affect your health tomorrow.

Learning Through Health Dialogues

People learn in a variety of ways: reading, surfing the Internet, formal classroom study, watching television, listening to the radio, talking to friends and neighbors. Of all the methods of gathering information, “word of mouth” is still one of the most powerful ways to bring information to life. Meeting expert guests who have health care knowledge, experience and a passion to help others will give you an opportunity to hear from a wide variety of professionals and some wise patients and caregivers as well, who are also invested in helping others based on their “lessons learned”. Listening to their advice, tips and approach will allow you to learn new information that you can apply to the health challenges you, your family, and community are facing.

Dr. Nancy RN brings health experts such as top doctors, nurses, researchers, educators, care- givers, business leaders and people dealing with illness to the table to talk with you about issues that concern your health, your health care decisions and your pocketbook. Some are practicing clinicians on the front lines and at the bedside, others are health policy experts who are working with organization and the government to improve care. Many are conducting research on new approaches to disease management and breakthroughs in health care delivery models. We are always seeking new talent to share their passion and stories to improve the health of the nation.

These Shows are All About YOU!

shutterstock_132669557We will translate the many emerging aspects of health care reform and provide a perspective that helps you to understand how new policies will impact health care services to you and your family and help you to make informed choices, be your own health care advocate, deal with insurers, live with chronic illness, get the most for your dollar, and achieve the highest quality of life possible. This is not a health care debate, but rather the “translational” work of communicating how health care works, how it is expected to change, how you can get the most out of your encounters, and how to be empowered so you can be an active participant in your care decisions and care choices.

With health, all things are possible and that goal that will require that the health care system, business leaders, politicians, and people from all walks of life come together in this new era and join together to create a healthy and cooperative relationship with one another. Dr. Nancy RN will be bringing these leaders together for you to meet, learn from and take action.

Join us on educational TV, You-Tube :  and on the web: Become an informed, empowered and active viewer!

Healthy World, Healthy Nation, Healthy You