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Nancy Marie Valentine PhD RN MPH FNAP FAAN

Nancy is a dynamic, nationally recognized nurse leader who has committed her life to improving health care for individuals, communities, and the Nation. Her passion is people. She has been on a mission to bring nurses to the forefront of care and to develop interdisciplinary teams to improve the delivery of services that make a difference to people. She has been employed as a nurse executive at leading institutions that have been recognized as exemplars in the health care industry. These include Boston City Hospital, Boston, MA; McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA; the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, DC; CIGNA Healthcare, Hartford, CT; and Main Line Health System, Bryn Mawr, PA.

As the national Chief Nurse Officer of VA, she was responsible for 65,000 nursing staff delivering services to 8 million veterans enrolled.  At CIGNA health care, she was the first nurse in the country to be employed in a key national clinical leadership role in a top health insurance company.  While at Main Line Health, she instituted a unified and standardized approach to nursing care delivery for a community hospital system of 5 organizations that brought the nurse workforce to a level of national prominence  and significantly improved quality and safety outcomes.  She is a founder of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, past president of the Friends of the National Institute of Nursing Research, a Fellow in both the American Academy of Nursing and the National Academy of Practice . Washington, DC.


Nancy is currently Clinical Professor and Associate Dean of Nursing for Practice, Policy and Partnerships in the College of Nursing at the University of Illinois, Chicago.


She is known for setting high standards in fostering interdisciplinary teamwork in developing nursing workforces to be “best in class” and for instituting innovative approaches to delivering high quality and safe clinical care, for which she has received numerous awards and recognition over a professional lifetime.

shutterstock_65060596Her educational background is in nursing, mental health services, health care management, public health and economics/health policy. She earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Rutgers University and the University of Pennsylvania schools of nursing, a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) from Harvard University School of Public Health, and merged these interests with Health Economics and Health Policy, with a PhD from Brandeis University’s Florence Heller School in Social Policy and Management, where she was recognized by the Minkoff award for the outstanding dissertation in health economics. She was awarded a Health Policy Fellowship at the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC, and is a Johnson and Johnson Wharton Nurse Executive Fellow. Her professional commitments have spanned many teaching, speaking and board engagements, as well as acclaim for creating an innovative “return to practice” treatment program, Nightingale, for nurses with addictions, thus focusing on caring for the caregiver while protecting the public from harm.



Nancy is now taking the knowledge and experience gained from working in health care, government, and health insurance to engage her vast network of national colleagues and experts to translate the world of healthcare directly with consumers, with the goal of simplifying the complexity of a changing industry so that consumers can take empowering actions to improve their own health care agenda.


Nancy is optimistic about how consumers with more direct access to information, technology and innovation will change healthcare for the better. She is certain that as people rapidly become more knowledgeable about the health industry overall and take an active role in their own health, the result will be a health care system that will vastly improve for individuals, communities and beyond.  Her dedication to patients and families has now expanded to you, the consumer, on a world wide scale in a changing world.

Healthy World, Healthy Nation, Healthy You

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