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Be Empowered… Is your provider culturally competent?


Dr. Rita K. Adeniran is the President and CEO of Innovative and Inclusive Global Solutions (IIGS), a consulting firm that specializes in helping healthcare organizations leverage the total capacity of their workforce for enhanced productivity and optimal patient outcomes. Dr. Adeniran served at Penn Medicine for 14+ holding several leadership roles, including,  the Director for Diversity and Inclusion of the University of Pennsylvania Health System where she provided strategic leadership and direction for diversity, inclusion, and culturally competent care. She is a faculty in the Department of Family & Community Health at the School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania

She is passionate about health equity, equality, and the maximization of nursing contributions in the context of interdisciplinary collaboration in shaping successful and sustainable healthcare for the nation

Part-time faculty, school of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania



This show will address the following issues, challenges, stories, solutions
Rationale and definitions of cultural competency in health care

  1. Definition-Who is included?
  2. Rationale-Why is this important?

Illustrative anecdotes about the value of cultural competence

  1. Imbalance between hot and cold (yin and yang) story
  2. Pregnant woman uncomfortable telling her clinician  the actual date of her last  menstrual Period (LMP)
  3. Witchcraft”, or, anger from God for doing something wrong

Providers Preparedness and Tools to Operationalize Cultural Competence

  1. Assessment:
  2. Knowledge, attitudes and behavior (KAB)
  3. Cultural humility
  4. Gracious space principles

Key Points

  1. Know your  provider’s  Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior (KAB)
  2.  Sameness is NOT cultural competence
  3. Eliminate any thought or feelings that make you think your uniqueness as the patient/consumer or difference is a problem or barrier to receiving the best healthcare.

Staff only


March, 2016

Adeniran. Population Health

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